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Growing Old Gracefully
Friday April 19, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

We are all guilty of ageism. No one likes it. No one wants it. Everyone complains about it, at least those of advancing years. How then, can we grow old and still keep our dignity? By embracing it. Time marches on, and it drags everything and everyone with it. Our perception of time is based …Read More

The Jordan Method, Supporting The Body Through Nutrition
Thursday April 11, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

This narrative will focus on the body from a nutritional aspect. “You are what you eat,” is a phrase, whose origin is uncertain, but certainly resonates with most nutritionists. In the narrative subtitled, “The Principles of Mind, Body, Spirit,” the most dense division of the lowest aspect of our Energy Selves is the physical body. …Read More

The Jordan Method, Supporting the Body
Friday March 8, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

There are three basic needs that are required to be met to maintain the integrity of the physical body. Nourishment of the tissues, flexibility and strength. When considering the Body as being one aspect of our Selves, we acknowledges that we are complex beings. The concept of Body, Mind and Spirit will be addressed in …Read More

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