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The Jordan Method; The Mind Part III, Supporting Techniques
Sunday June 23, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

In that our Minds can sometimes have “Minds of their own;” making an alternate decision to those that just seem to “pop into our heads,” may for some, be a most difficult task. For those of us who struggle with this phenomenon more often than we care to admit, worry not, there is hope.

The brain is highly “plastic.” That means it can be shaped. Just like putting the Body in shape requires training and physical support, putting the brain in shape requires the same. (We’ll be using brain over Mind at this point, to avoid the confusion that earlier narratives tend to create, where the Mind connotes the emotional Self). Our brains are conditioned to respond in the way they will when receiving any stimuli. Without going deeply into the physiology of the neural pathways and neurotransmitters, receptors and the associated supportive cells; let’s just say, “It’s complicated,” but can be manipulated at any time of our lives. The further along that we are in our lives will make it more challenging, but that too can be overcome by willingness and persistence. We have to have desire and discipline to achieve anything in our lives. As in any situation, regarding our behavior, we may wish to seek assistance. Above all else be true to yourself. Know yourself. Do what you can do, get help with the rest.

The things that we can do that don’t require change in how we naturally respond, are not the things we do with our brains, but the things we do to our brains. Supporting a healthy brain means bringing it nutrients. Eat well. There is a separate narrative on nutrition, which speaks about nutrition generally and in regard to inflammation. As inflammation can alter brain function and is a precursor to dementia, you may wish to review that. If you are wanting very specific nutritional information regarding brain health beyond the general nutritional information in the narrative noted above that supports all body tissues, there are plenty of sites on the internet. Pay attention to your sources and especially be wary of product based sites. Dr. Jordan can address certain principles regarding various protocols if you have any questions. He also recommends specialists in the field for patients who display significant deficiencies. Certain behavioral issues may indicate a need for brain function evaluation and support, which is best facilitated by specialists recognized by their State or National licensing boards.

Once nutrients are consumed and absorbed into the blood stream, they must be delivered to the brain. This is achieved via our circulatory system. Activation of its central pump, the heart, is discussed in the narrative, “Supporting the Body Through Exercise.” It would, of course, be the “cardio” forms of exercise that perform this task. It is not unusual for us to feel “clear headed” when we are being physically active, as well as after we have been physically active. As long as we have not been too physically active. Choosing the form of cardio activity is important in order to protect your body from physical distress and possibly dissuade future cardio activities. You may wish to review the narrative referenced above.

The brain has a multitude of functions that it attends to. The information flowing to it comes from various sources both internal and external. Processing that information and initiating responses can occur with absolutely no conscious awareness on our parts. However, many activities of the brain that occur independent of our thoughts can be influenced by our internal dialogue that may be totally unrelated to these processes. Quieting any distressing internal dialogue can potentially promote more efficient brain function by eliminating or reducing stress hormones. Additionally, those parts of the nervous system that are associated with alerting the body can be quieted as well. The narrative devoted to Meditation and breathing techniques will address “Quieting.”

Touch is a powerful tool for redirecting our brain’s processing of information, as there are numerous receptors for touch in and on our bodies. The simplest way to engage with touch are the multiple forms of massage. Dr Jordan, Mercedes and the licensed practitioners at Jordan Health Clinic & Day Spa, have all dedicated their professional carriers to the healing benefits of touch. The body is calmed by simple touch alone, and when the various techniques to reduce the physical issues associated with pain are introduced, the reduction of pain changes the brains behavior. Over time behavior changes in the brain can lead to associated neural and supportive cellular relationships. We as individuals benefit as the brain experiences its benefits.

Also within the massage protocols is a technique, which Mercedes Jordan has been associated with its advancement Nationally for over fifteen years, called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Mercedes, Dr. Jordan and several therapists in their clinic incorporate this technique in their treatment protocols. Only since 2016 has the lymphatic system been found to exist in our skulls and MLD when utilized, been recognized to enhance brain health. It does so by engaging the immune functions within the brain region, which reduces inflammation and eliminates material that can inhibit neural activity.

Adding what we can from the above recommendations will enhance our brain’s tissues and functions. As we include more clarity to our lives, making further decisions to improve our lives will become easier. Healthy brains promote healthy Minds and Intellects. Certainty and peace prevail.

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