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The Jordan Method, Meditation: Joining the Body, Mind & Spirit
Thursday May 30, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

Meditation has been mentioned within several of the narratives that have been previously published. It is a stress management tool, it centers the intellect and mind, it quiets our thoughts and as alluded to in the title above, it helps integrate the body, mind and spirit. While quieting our thoughts may sound straight forward, the idea of centering the intellect and mind may not be clear to some readers. Managing stress is not a difficult concept, but joining or integrating the body, mind and spirit might be.

By reviewing some of the previous narratives, identified by their dates of posting, which contain the concepts mentioned above, you may achieve a foundation that allows an easier understanding of what’s to follow. It is important too, to remember that everything published within the general title: The Jordan Method, is intended to give our patients and prospective patients an understanding of how Dr. Jordan approaches his work as a health care provider. Additionally, he hopes to provide tools for his patients to help them achieve their optimal health.

It is the opinion of Dr. Jordan that meditation, when performed in any style or form daily, is one of our major contributors to preventative health care. All persons who engage in meditation are integrating their bodies, minds and spirits. When we quiet our minds, we calm our bodies and permit engagement with our spirits. When we engage with our spirits, we integrate all three aspects of our “Selves.” In doing so, we maintain the integrity of our “Selves,” and when it becomes necessary, we increase the potential for the restoration of all aspects of our “Selves.” The intention of emphasizing the second syllable in the word ourselves, is indicative of the reverence given to each and every one of us in relation to this wonderful Universe that we are a part of.

The use of the terms: Mind, Body & Spirit, are common to those who have accepted this basic concept of “Wholeness.” It is typical of those who espouse a belief in Holistic Health Care. Some individuals may be less clear with exactly what that entails. There are individuals who are devoutly religious who may be concerned with the idea of engaging with their own Spirit, as this can be misinterpreted to suggest the possibility for contact with opportunistic or dark forces outside of their control. Traditional science minded individuals may struggle with any idea of activities of the mind or body that are not quantifiable or defined by acceptable authorities in any area of science itself.

The purpose of this narrative is to remind some or add more succinctly for others, an intentional daily behavior that will support anyone’s whole health should one wish to adopt it. From the narrative, “Mind, Body, Spirit,” we are reminded of the six distinct layers of our beings described in the Vedic tradition of India: Spirit, Soul, Intellect, Mind, Vital Energy and The Physical Body. From this concept of “Self,” where Spirit is the ultimate Wellspring of all that is, and each of us individually are the consolidation of the remaining five layers of the whole person, maintaining a continuous connection or reconnecting with Spirit regularly, we sustain all aspects of Ourselves optimally. One way in which we maintain this connection or achieve this re-connection is through meditation.

There are terms that have been used as synonyms for meditation, such as, centering, prayer or contemplation; but only if one’s intention is to connect with our Source, our Wellspring, would these be appropriately defining our reason for meditating. It could be argued that as Spirit is all encompassing, we would never be disconnected, therefore what need is there to re-connect? As it is only the physical and mental properties of the process of meditation that bring us the physiological benefits, there would be no need to even consider the Spirit or Soul aspects of Ourselves. In this case, the concept of Centering, quieting the mind and relaxing the body, will work very well with most individuals. In the narrative by Mercedes titled, “How and Why to do Meditation,” published 04/30/2020; Mercedes provides a perfect form of Body/Mind Centering that will provide excellent health benefits associated with the physiological changes seen when achieving a calmer state. Try this easy to follow technique.

Through thoughtful contemplation of more positive ideas, the mind can achieve more peaceful states that are beneficial to our health. There is no need to consider Ourselves to exist beyond concrete definitions of the physical body with the functioning mental capacity of our brains. There are many of us, however, that perceive something defined by our beliefs or our intuition, which exists in a realm beyond our senses that stimulates our imaginations. Real or imaginary, it is that, which underlies all that is. The Source of all that is. If you are one who feels this to be true, this narrative is a simple reminder to tap into this Source regularly. Meditate.

Find the form that works for you. The centering technique that Mercedes offers is helpful for those who posses an active mind. Mantra meditations are helpful for those persons as well. A mantra is simply a repetitive word or phrase that gives your brain something else to do, as they tend to wander. Praying the Rosary is a more complex form of mental engagement that eliminates or suppresses wandering as well. Other religious practices include repetitive prayer. What really distinguishes meditation is our intention of allowing our engagement with Spirit without expectation. It is not the experience that we are having in the moment of meditation that we seek, but the disposition of ourselves as we engage with Life because we have meditated.

There are many forms of meditation that you can find from almost any resource. Look for individuals, groups or authors who you feel match your interests. Dr. Jordan offers sessions during which you will be guided through a personalized meditation using Vedic techniques. You are welcome to record the session for future use.

Movement can be a source of connection with our “Higher Selves.” Being in the “flow” as you engage in almost any physical activity can quiet the mind; such as, walking in the park or on the beach. Hiking a trail. Just being in nature as in “Forest Bathing,” provides an opportunity for connection. Watching the sun filter through the trees or sparkle on the water; listening to the sounds of wind whispering or singing birds or chirping insects all sooth the mind and can be sources of healing.

What ever mechanism you choose, meditation can be a purposeful way to enhance the benefits of a calmer mind, leading to a more relaxed body, all of which soothing to our Soul. As alluded to earlier, all of the above might just be a simple matter of taking our minds off of more troubling thoughts and allowing a moment of peace in our lives. The more often we do this, the greater the long-term benefits.

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