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The Jordan Method, Chiropractic Part IV/IV
Saturday June 15, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

The development of The Jordan Method was the result of Dr. Jordan’s primary education in the basic sciences; professional education in human anatomy, physiology and pathology; clinical training in patient evaluation and treatment; yearly continuing education for license renewal; greater than forty years of patient care; and personal development and exploration of Life. It was through the integration of all of that, in the time that it took and is still taking that brings forward his style of care. Dr. Jordan works in his unique way, as many practitioners do.

It is one of the greatest benefits of the chiropractic profession, which permits a wider application of care for specific conditions, rather than narrow protocols of reasonable and customary care as seen with other health care entities, as one size does not fit all. Additionally, an important element within the principles of the profession that stands out, is the idea of innate healing. The body is so imbued with this potential that through maintenance of all systems’ functions, healing is achieved. Practitioners of chiropractic are trained to evaluate all tissue functions and treat those that fall within our scope of practice, as defined by the laws of each State’s professional board; or refer to the appropriate discipline that is better trained to treat those systems and conditions that are not within the scope of chiropractic care.

Doctors of chiropractic are well versed in true preventative care, not just the early detection of disease, but rather proper maintenance of the body as mentioned above. Healthy behaviors for the Mind, Body and Spirit are emphasized. All of which will be described in other narratives. Dr. Jordan likes to remind his patients that he is not an antidote for poor life styles, but would rather participate with his patients in their recovery from a current or chronic condition, or guide and support them as they incorporate healthy habits to help promote their well-being.

In an effort to bring clarity to all parts of the subheading “Chiropractic,” within the narratives titled The Jordan Method, we will summarize with the following. As a prelude to that we would like to remind the reader that the narratives on chiropractic are the opinions of Dr. Jordan, who’s intent is to help patients understand why he does what he does, and doesn’t do what some chiropractors do. In particular, the adjustment as Dr. Jordan sees it, is important as joint motion is critical for the preservation of the musculoskeletal system (and all of the resulting benefits, from prevention of joint degeneration to healthy cardiopulmonary functions due to circulatory demands by the activities of the musculoskeletal system to neural feedback loops that promote healthy brains and peripheral nerves). What is also important to Dr. Jordan regarding the adjustment is its delivery. Dr. Jordan prefers segmental mobilization that respects the joint architecture and tissue tolerances, rather than techniques that can be challenging and potentially harmful to joint structures. Put simply, Dr. Jordan’s style of chiropractic care is characterized within the profession as “Non-Force Technique.” There are no sudden or jerky movements.

What other narratives have illustrated or will illustrate are Dr. Jordan’s view of what the Body is, which defines why he does what he does. As the reader reviews these narratives over time, it will become clear that the complexities of our Selves create a necessity for a practitioner to address all aspects of the patient in order to best resolve any condition of the patient that may be presenting at any given time. The least complex way to address any condition is more palatable to most people, but each aspect of their lives must be addressed. Essentially, a patient will be given advise regarding physical activities, including posture (which is addressed separately). Nutrition (which is also addressed separately) will be discussed especially as it relates to inflammation. If it is apparent, strategies for stress management will be discussed.

As for technique, as it has been mentioned in previous narratives, The Jordan Method is largely: Body work to address connective tissue restriction, Spinal mobilization, Lymphatic decongestion (which is addressed separately) and Energy work (primarily acupuncture through points in the ear, but also using chakra centers for those who understand that). It should be noted that The Jordan Method only applies to treatment from Dr. Jordan. Jordan Health Clinic & Day Spa offers many other services, by other practitioners that are all beneficial. Each of these can be explored on our website.

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