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Thursday February 15, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

It has been said that the discussions of politics or religion should be avoided in polite company. Is it only that we cannot discuss anything associated with these two topics politely? I have wondered why that may be, in that politics is associated with how humans navigate their relationships with one another, and religion is …Read More

Democracy is Relationship
Thursday February 15, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

Relationships can be rewarding in their capacity to provide an environment where all parties can find benefit. They can also be challenging. They are sustained through communication and compromise. When neither is present, they can fail. A relationship may be something we choose to form, or simply find ourselves part of. Those that we purposely …Read More

Friday March 24, 2023 by Christopher Jordan

When considering our place in society, we would have to be aware that we co-exist with others. How we co-exist, particularly in a free society, is an individual choice. The healthy individual will have developed a balanced mental attitude which recognizes the welfare of themselves and others. Neither superseding the other. As I observe humankind …Read More

America The Beautiful; Part II
Thursday May 12, 2022 by Christopher Jordan

An Abe Lincoln quote I picked out of Adam Goodheart’s book, 1861: “I consider the central idea pervading this struggle is the necessity that is upon us, of proving that popular government is not an absurdity. We must settle this question now, whether in a free government the minority have the right to break up …Read More

Thursday January 27, 2022 by Christopher Jordan

While “Burnout” is not a new concept, it is a real phenomenon. As in most conditions, it is best to avoid it rather than recover from it. Different than tedium, which can also diminish our over-all quality of life, burnout can lead to exhaustion, cynicism and despair. All of these states can have significant physiological …Read More

America The Beautiful
Monday March 29, 2021 by Christopher Jordan

Our mental health is strongly tied to our feelings about ourselves. How we define ourselves can be quite complex. Part of our identity is associated with the context in which we see ourselves. Some of us may find strength in a strong group identity. There may also be comfort there. The size and composition of …Read More

Wednesday February 10, 2021 by Christopher Jordan

There are occurrences in our lives that can provide for us an opportunity for a “Second Chance,” a “Do Over.” There are times that when we are dissatisfied with an outcome or our current state, we can reset, we can try another way. I find it, at times, discouraging when anyone expresses that they feel …Read More

Living Intentionally
Saturday November 7, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

There can be no doubt that we are currently experiencing a time for tremendous opportunities of growth. This could be stated differently, but would most likely lead to suggesting the challenging elements that underlie this time, which could lead to focusing on the challenges themselves and that can pull our attention away from the purpose …Read More

Chiropractic Physicians
Tuesday August 25, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

Patients are frequently surprised when I describe the level of education necessary to be a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. That DC at the end of our names is associated with a tremendous amount of information related to the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human being. In the State of Florida a DC license is …Read More

“What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?”
Sunday July 19, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

I think, as adults, we all realize that we are responsible for ourselves, ultimately. Everything that we experience will have a component of our own contribution, or lack there of. In all circumstances of our lives it is imperative that we pay attention to where we can be the primary influence of our experiences or …Read More

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