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“What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?”
Sunday July 19, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

I think, as adults, we all realize that we are responsible for ourselves, ultimately. Everything that we experience will have a component of our own contribution, or lack there of. In all circumstances of our lives it is imperative that we pay attention to where we can be the primary influence of our experiences or outcome of our experiences. When ever we make an excuse for how we are, that is outside of ourselves, we admit to having given control to something or someone else.

There can be arguments made regarding the origin of our lives and the environments in which we begin them as having significant impacts on who and how we are. Once attainment of independent adulthood has been reached, despite any deficiencies, we should claim that with which we have control. The “Serenity Prayer” works well here.

I am not sure that any of us can take the stance of ignorance regarding our well being. We all know what we need to do for positive health. Good food, regular exercise, joy and interpersonal interaction. Our choices impact our health. These choices are not always easy. They will generally involve financial decisions and management of time. Prioritization is clearly an important factor in both.

Let us look at the outcomes of our past decisions. Let these direct us toward better decisions or support previous decisions that have resulted in good outcomes. When something appears in our past that we would like to improve, or if we are currently experiencing something that we would like to be different; look at our contribution. We can change us, not others or circumstance not within our control. We need to be honest with ourselves and responsible regarding what we truly control. Take a moment and ask yourself, “What am I doing for me?” Because an optimal us, will be better for everyone.

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