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The Jordan Method, Introduction
Monday March 4, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

For current and previous patients of Dr. Jordan, the following series of narratives have been expressed in part, at some time or another. The purpose of this series is to clarify the style of care that Dr. Jordan employs, as it varies from the traditional chiropractic practices that you may have experienced; and should provide a level of understanding regarding the foundation of care that you will receive with Dr. Jordan.

Each individual narrative in this series will cover the different elements of health care that when combined, become The Jordan Method. This title was originally formed as a tongue-in-cheek response to the question posed by patients of other chiropractors when visiting Jordan Health Clinic, “Dr. Jordan, what method are you using?” or, “What method do you practice?” These questions are derived from the fact that there are various “Methods,” practiced within the field of chiropractic, usually based upon which school of chiropractic a practitioner attended.

What should become clear is that Dr. Jordan has synthesized information and technique to form his unique style of treatment and general patient management. There are other practitioners in health care who also have adopted a more holistic approach and utilize a wider range of body-work in their practices. We are not trying to emphasize The Jordan Method as being particularly better that any other style of work, or that it cannot be incorporated with other forms of health care or with the treatment by other body workers. As with any treatment, it is important to note that Dr. Jordan will evaluate first and monitor each individuals’ response to care, to determine that it is even appropriate.

Each element indicated above, will be published in parts, as we intend on releasing them as they are written independently or at least, a few at a time. Each can be “stand alone” information, but will, when combined, define more clearly how we approach healing, health care and the chiropractic profession. The segments on the chiropractic profession will be comprised of multiple parts as it is more complicated. There will be components regarding both practitioner and patient responsibilities. While understanding is the primary goal of this series, there will hopefully be some helpful information that can be readily utilized.

Obviously, the vehicle for this series will be found on our Jordan Health Clinic & Day Spa website’s Blog titled: Tips From Dr. J & Mercedes. There are and will be other blogs written by both Dr. Jordan and Mercedes found there also. All questions and any feed-back will always be welcomed and should be sent to our email address:

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