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“People Who Need People…”
Thursday May 7, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

For those of you who are “…the luckiest people in the World,” this has been a challenging time. The restriction of our social need of human to human engagement has had an impact on us. As a result, we have been creating virtual encounters that have satisfied some elements of our desire for connection. Even the old fashion telephone communication, via new fangled devises, has been supportive.

While we may be missing that one sensory stimulus that has yet to be fully replicated artificially, touch, it is still important to stay connected. It is imperative to reach out regularly and let each other know that we care about one another. “I’m OK, You’re OK,” takes on a new perspective. Sometimes we just need to hear that someone we Love is alright. And, they most likely would like to hear the same from us.

The advertisement campaign, “Reach out and touch someone,” was advocating telephone use. Interesting that it used language that describes the very physical contact we crave, yet have been advised is the exact opposite of what we should be doing now in order to reduce transmission of infectious agents. So, the next best thing is hearing a familiar and friendly voice. Additionally, with our current technology, we can see those familiar and friendly faces. Remember also, social distancing suggests spacing. We can still sit with one another at an appropriate distance and visit.

Our health will be influenced by our personal interactions with each other. We do need each other in our lives. If you think of someone, reach out to them. Communicate with them. Share with them. Let us remember how lucky we are to have them in our lives.

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