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Living Intentionally
Saturday November 7, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

There can be no doubt that we are currently experiencing a time for tremendous opportunities of growth. This could be stated differently, but would most likely lead to suggesting the challenging elements that underlie this time, which could lead to focusing on the challenges themselves and that can pull our attention away from the purpose of this writing, which is to develop a habit of purposeful self examination and any alteration to our thinking or behavior should we conclude that this is necessary.

As we progress through Life we learn. Every moment has the potential to inform us, either reinforcing what we know or providing new information. The question I ask is what do we know and where does that come from? At some point in our lives we must recognize our own responsibility in sustaining what we believe to be true. In a previous writing I suggested that we find sources of information that we trust. This also applies to our past exposure of information. It is the healthy, growing mind that asks, “Is what I know true.”

Our learning informs our knowing. Our knowing underlies our doing. Our doing impacts our World. How do we impact our World? Living Intentionally means considering the outcome of our words and actions. I do believe that a well balanced person cares about how their words and actions impact others. I feel that those of us who strive for equanimity in our interaction with others are conscious of contact that is considerate of all parties. When everyone is considered, outcomes to benefit all are more possible.

We live in time of great potential. The direction we take depends on the direction we agree to take. “We” have significantly increased in number over the many millennia of our existence. We have developed sophisticated ways to interacted at all levels. One of the most important, for those of us who live in a free society, is how we have provided for each one of us our own voice in decisions that impact the World. This exists at all levels; personally through various social vehicles live and virtually, and more widely through our systems of representation from local to global.

Our voices are important. Let us be conscious of what we say, how we say it and why we feel the need to say it. Let us be sensitive to the values of each other and seek pathways to one another that respects those values. Let us also be conscious of who we are and what we have to offer. We are all unique beings with something to offer. When being present in our communities, let us recognize our impact large and small, near and far. Any time I interact with another person or persons I’ll ask myself, “Am I being compassionate, am I being considerate of others?” In this way I can alter my behavior to improve my words and actions. And, I will chose representation that reflects this and monitor that it remains consistent. Be aware, be present, be intentional.

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