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Thursday February 15, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

It has been said that the discussions of politics or religion should be avoided in polite company. Is it only that we cannot discuss anything associated with these two topics politely? I have wondered why that may be, in that politics is associated with how humans navigate their relationships with one another, and religion is how humans navigate their relationship with the Divine. It seems to me that these are the very areas of discussion we should all be engaging in, and that they should be discussed politely.

Our second US president, John Adams, suggested that the science of politics is the science of social happiness. The pursuit of happiness was one of the stated goals in the preamble of our Declaration of Independence. Certainly, discussions among us relative to developing and sustaining methods to achieve collective happiness would be something we would all wish to engage in.

I think one of the important elements of these discussions is finding out what makes us happy. How would I know what made you happy unless I was willing to listen to you? What would ensure your understanding of what makes me happy unless you were willing to listen to me? What better way to achieve this than through polite or civil conversations or discussions?

It is considered that within Europe’s Renaissance period the customs and conventions of diplomacy in politics were developed. Within this period Niccolo’ Machiavelli espoused his “ends justify the means” suggested style for leaders to achieve and hold on to power. At this time Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Churches’ indulgences, stating only truly believing in Christ’s redemption brought God’s gift of Grace.

For centuries we have been discussing politics and religion. I think it is time for civility, for diplomacy and for peaceful coexistence between ourselves. We should ask for this as well from our representatives at all levels of leadership, political and spiritual. Let us have polite conversations between each of us regarding the things that truly matter to everyone, World-wide. It’s not hard, just listen.

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