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The Jordan Method, Meditation: Joining the Body, Mind & Spirit
Thursday May 30, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

Meditation has been mentioned within several of the narratives that have been previously published. It is a stress management tool, it centers the intellect and mind, it quiets our thoughts and as alluded to in the title above, it helps integrate the body, mind and spirit. While quieting our thoughts may sound straight forward, the …Read More

The Jordan Method, The Mind Part I, An Introduction
Thursday May 30, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

Addressing the Mind of humans can be tricky, if not outright daunting. In this narrative we will look at the Mind as both components of the middle layer of our Selves as described in “Mind, Body, Spirit.” By reviewing that narrative you will recall the two divisions, one being our more emotional Selves, the other …Read More

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