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The Jordan Method, The Mind Part I, An Introduction
Thursday May 30, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

Addressing the Mind of humans can be tricky, if not outright daunting. In this narrative we will look at the Mind as both components of the middle layer of our Selves as described in “Mind, Body, Spirit.” By reviewing that narrative you will recall the two divisions, one being our more emotional Selves, the other our more intellectual Selves.. This narrative will also touch on how Dr. Jordan addresses the Mind and why, in regard to the care of his patients.

Not only was human behavior an important basic science course required in the undergraduate training of a chiropractic physician, there has been a large amount of emphasis on behavior expressed in the general awareness of our society over several decades. What encouraged Dr. Jordan to deepen his understanding of our mental and emotional Selves, was his observation of the correlation of patients who seemed to present with conditions that responded well to care, who had a certain countenance, which was typically one that showed a higher degree of joy and optimism; in opposition to those who didn’t respond well, not possessing those characteristics, especially when they displayed the exact opposite.

Looking again at the layers of Self as described in the Vedic tradition, the more intellectual aspect lies closer to Spirit. In the Jewish tradition, developing and refining one’s intellect can bring one closer to God. We do so by broadening our understanding of the composition and functions of ourselves and our environment both near and far; and by learning to communicate clearly and effectively through respectful discourse with one another, because each of our perspectives are unique and potentially broadening for one another.

If one is not inclined to include religious symbolism when thinking about their health, consider the idea of God as simply the persistent connection of you with everything that produced you and continues to sustain you. The intellect is capable of achieving states that provide access to the infinite Spirit, as well as reception of our individual Soul. The principles of “consciousness raising” are associated with this capacity of the intellect. There will be a separate narrative on meditation that will provide a “deeper dive” into the above. Mercedes published “How and Why to Do Meditation” on the 30th of April in 2020, which offers a practical form of meditation that anyone can get started with now.

The emotional Self is considered to be closer to the physical Self. The disposition of a person can often be read in their “body language.” It is through this closeness that the Body will appear to “take on” the disposition of the person. Over time, if that disposition is less than positive, if the Mind is depressed, so too can the Body be depressed. The energy is just not there to sustain it. Anxiety, anger and fear all can drive the Body to less vital states.

In a separate narrative we will discuss “Stress Management” techniques to help reduce the more negative emotional states in order to add vitality to our health. In acknowledgment of the fact that all of us may find ourselves struggling to overcome more intense and persistent negative states at some time or another, we should never feel that it would be inappropriate or shameful to seek assistance. That support can be in any form, whether from a licensed professional or in groups with trained personnel and acceptable protocols. No one should feel alone or unworthy. Reach out. Ask for help. Accept help.

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