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The Jordan Method; The Principles of Mind, Body, Spirit
Tuesday May 28, 2024 by Christopher Jordan

The concept that We are complex beings is a long standing one. What is meant by complex in the context of this narrative, is the idea, the philosophy that the human beings exist in layers of energy. Much like within the principles of quantum mechanics, this energy can present as vibrational waves or particles of matter. Also within these principles, the observer contributes to the state of energy that is being observed. What could this possibly mean in regard to health care?

Dr. Jordan studied with Deepak Chopra, M.D. in the 90s and was certified to teach an eight-week course in Ayurveda. During his instruction he was made familiar with the principles associated with the concepts in this form of Indian culture regarding Mind, Body and Spirit. Ayurveda translates as the “Science of Life,” and is followed as fact and not mere belief. For those who may find these principles difficult to embrace, just consider them as a “point of view,” a point of reference from which to consider the following.

There are three distinct layers of energy as referenced above, which can each be divided into two additional ones. The most expanded layer, referred to as the “Causal Body,” is comprised first of Spirit, the energy from which becomes more individualized, more uniquely defined called Soul. It is from this layer of energy that the human being becomes, hence Causal. It is possible to draw parallels from other forms of spirituality to appreciate this concept. Spirit is everything. It is uniform. It is undivided. It is the Universe before atoms, before stars and planets, before us. Soul is the idea of us individually, still part of Spirit, interacting with all other Souls, but capable of independence. It will be the impetus for each one of us, giving rise to mind and body.

In Vedic tradition, the energetic middle layer is comprised of Intellect and Mind. This can be confusing as when we speak of our minds generally, we don’t often think of them as being divided. Using this model, we speak of the Intellect as being the realm of ideas, concepts and beliefs; while the Mind is our source of emotions, feelings and desires. As the energy of our Selves moves from a higher state to a lower one, it passes from Soul to Intellect. At the highest point of our Intellect lies our Ego. The Ego promotes our sense of individuality. If we do not extend our consciousness beyond ego, into the higher states of Spirit and Soul, we lose this association and the benefits gained from maintaining this association, which will be discussed in a separate narrative.

Our lowest energy state is that of the Body. It is the most dense and from a quantum standpoint, consists of both particles and waves. The Body as a layer is divided between physical Matter and vital Energy. All traditional cultures from antiquity have a term for vital energy. From China it is called chi, India prana, Greece physis and from the Hebrew Ru. God gathered the earth and then breathed Life into it. The earth, the physical matter that comprises our tissues; breath, the vital energy that brings it to Life. There is no difference between our bodies and that of a cadaver, except in ours we breath in and out and circulate blood.

Each of these layers of Self will be discussed individually in separate narratives. When appropriate there will be recommendations for care and if applicable, strategies to maximize their capacity for integration with one another. At times some recommendations may seem overly simplified, in which case they should be considered minimal requirements.

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