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The Art of Optimism
Wednesday April 15, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

I think most of us would agree that possessing a positive outlook in Life helps living it easier. Most likely we have all experienced that in some circumstances maintaining one can be a challenge. In my training to become licensed in acupuncture, one important principle stood out: in order to build Qi (vitality) one must consume healthy, fresh foods; imbibe clear, natural water; breath pure air and be optimistic.

Having an optimistic mind is an important part of our well-being. Some folks just seem to live cheerfully, being in their presence can be uplifting. Others have that “glass half empty” attitude and it can be a bit of a drag to be around them for too long. Which of those do we want to be? It is actually better for us and everyone around us to be the former.

For some of us, it can be an effort to be more positive in our outlook. It may not seem to come naturally. It is not important to ask why this is, it is important to witness it and strive for positivity as often as we can. Being an objective witness of ourselves can also be a daunting task. Do not be weighed down by the struggle, rather take each moment independently and use it as a step forward.

The technique is simple. If I notice that I am feeling less than positive about a situation, a comment or anything else; 1) I’ll “Notice” thoroughly the feeling and the stimulus. 2) I’ll observe my thoughts: what am I observing and can I see it any other way (a different perspective); what underlies the feelings (and possibly beliefs) regarding my perception. 3) I’ll purposely look for something good in the situation, or consider what I may have learned about myself or someone else. Each time I do this, it makes the next time easier.

One can actually develop a habit of self-observation, and it helps create the habit of being more fully present in each moment. I strive to be aware and to look for the “Gift” in each encounter. Each time I create a more positive view, I bring value to my life and I improve and maintain my well-being. Try it even now. Pick something that bugs you. What about it don’t you like? What about it reminds you of something better? And, for a bonus, what about you creates the feeling of displeasure? Sometimes we see things about ourselves that drive our less than optimistic attitudes. Do not judge it, just learn and grow. And, be optimistic that the next time you’ll be more optimistic. Be in Peace.

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