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Wednesday February 10, 2021 by Christopher Jordan

There are occurrences in our lives that can provide for us an opportunity for a “Second Chance,” a “Do Over.” There are times that when we are dissatisfied with an outcome or our current state, we can reset, we can try another way. I find it, at times, discouraging when anyone expresses that they feel trapped in their current circumstances. Certainly, if we have spent a lot of time and energy moving in a certain direction, associating ourselves with others in a “committed” relationship, it may seem impossible, or inappropriate to change that. Yet, it may be the very thing that needs to happen to provide us with the opportunity to take the next step.

How do we measure the appropriateness of change? When do we decide our persistence is no longer something to be admired, but discouraged? There may be a few tell-tale indicators that can direct us toward change. Our state of health being one. If we note any decline in the measures of our health, this should be an indication that there are factors in our lives that are not enriching us, which in itself is detrimental.

What are these measures of our health? The simplest way to determine this may be how we feel. There certainly are multiple objective measures that will fit within traditional health care models. Too often it takes significant change to reveal these measures, while we can detect a reduction in our vitality sooner, before it manifests measurably. If we do self-assessment of our vitality and make adjustments prior to the onset of pathology or disease, we are essential living preventative lives.

Returning to the essence of this narrative; if we are seeing a persistent reduction in our vitality, change may be necessary to effect our renewal. If you are wondering how to realistically determine that you are experiencing a reduction in your vitality relative to, “I’m just not feeling it today;” consider how long you’ve been feeling that you can’t find joy in anything you do and you have absolutely limited energy to do even the simplest tasks. The mental and physical toll of living this way can be significant.

I would recommend for anyone with a personal or family history of mental disorder of any kind, including clinical depression, to have an evaluation by a mental health professional before considering any life style changes. Even if there is no personal or family history indicated, it can be helpful to get objective feedback and support. This can come from friends and family members who we trust. Know that, however, the work is our own. We need to identify what is holding us back, what might be a path forward and what would those steps be.

I do offer, here at Jordan Health Clinic & Day Spa, Lifestyle Counseling that uses techniques from Ayurveda that can identify what is referred to as our “Mind-Body Constitution.” With this information we have a better idea of how we function best and why we might make the choices that we do in multiple areas of our lives. It describes which activities best suit us and what dietary considerations we should consider. It helps us consider how we are best motivated.

While Renewal was my working title, Re-invigoration may be appropriate as well. As we progress through Life, in my opinion, we should experience continued growth and as a result, greater satisfaction. If we “Flat-line” or find ourselves on a downward slide, it may be time to Re-assess, Re-invigorate, Renew. Let us find our path, Be in Joy and Love who we are.

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