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Sunday May 17, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

Our feelings influence the functions of our nervous and endocrine systems. Our thoughts influence our feelings. Since our nervous and endocrine systems control all of our bodily functions, how we feel is important to assess and manage as it will have a direct effect on our health. If that seems like a big responsibility, that’s because it is.

The good news is: Our bodies are truly amazing organisms with inherent vitality that persists, as Life itself persists, even in the most demanding and challenging circumstances. It is over time, with the constant application of forces that we see changes occur. These changes can be adaptive or degenerative, depending upon how the forces are applied. Most importantly, there needs to be an appropriate recovery period following significant challenge for positive, adaptive changes to occur.

So, not only will our bodies potentially experience positive adaptive changes when challenged, how we perceive those changes will also influence those changes. Meaning: Fearful or paranoid thoughts and related feelings, will stimulate reactions in the body that initially can be protective, but over time will be destructive. Positive thoughts and associated feelings support healthy tissue response and long term adaptation, providing a stronger and more resilient person.

It is also imperative that we maintain behaviors that are responsible, that we pay attention to our well-being and respond appropriately to signs of need. If we are not sure about either, we must find resources that we trust and follow directions with confidence. We will ask questions until we are satisfied with the understanding we need to move forward with surety.

Biofeedback techniques, positive affirmations, guided imagery all use the mind’s intellect to guide mental, emotional and physical responses. In all instances we “imagine” what we want. We imagine a desired outcome, but continue to monitor the outcome. We do not want to be foolish, we do not want to be afraid. We can second guess everyone (including ourselves) and everything, there are few things in Life that are absolute (so few that I’m not sure I can name one).

We cannot afford to spend our precious time questioning every move before we make it. We can learn from everything we and others have done. There are risks in Life, some greater than others. Our tolerances for risk will be unique to each one of us. We should honor that and not judge ourselves or others for what we are willing or unwilling to take on. We need to acknowledge that our “experts” may be different from one another. This can be confusing (see “…ask questions until…”), but is an unfortunate characteristic of humanity and falls back on that lack of absolutes.

It all boils down to us and what we think. Imagine what you want. Consider what it takes to achieve it. Build realistic steps toward it and move. Fear holds us, but moving forward recklessly can ruin us. Be confident in those you trust, including yourself. Hold the image of what you wish to achieve. In this current situation that might be staying healthy or not transmitting pathogens to others. So, we must do what we think is best based upon what we feel is true, communicated by who we feel we can trust. Most importantly, as we do this, we must imagine ourselves responding in the best possible way and being in the best possible state of health.

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