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Healing Breath
Friday March 27, 2020 by Christopher Jordan

Breathing is an event that occurs sixteen times a minute in the normal relaxed state. We don’t even think about breathing, unless we are struggling to do so. Breathing can be one of our simplest defenses in our desire to remain at our best health. Considering that the most current health challenge that we are facing en masse involves the respiratory system, using breath to minimize the chance of viral contraction should be on our list of preventative measures. I will be recommending a breathing technique associated with Ayurveda, which is found within “The Science of Life” principles from India. There are multiple breathing exercises within this philosophy, design to produce various outcomes. We will focus in this writing on one called Kapalabhati. The result will be invigoration of our physiology and the movement of mucus out of our respiratory passages. Mucus is being swept out of the primary lung passages always, carrying with it what is trapped in it, what particulate matter we breath in with the required air that we want and need. Through Kapalabhati we will remove unwanted matter from our respiratory passages. Sit quietly and comfortably next to a box of tissues. Begin by breathing into your nostrils a comfortable volume of air at a comfortable rate, then breath out through your nostrils forcefully with a vigorous contraction of your diaphragm. Your next inhalation will be passive. Repeat this ten times. Take three normal breaths, if you are not feeling too light-headed repeat the whole process again. If you are not feeling too light-headed, you can perform a third set. Otherwise, sit quietly for a few minutes while your cardiopulmonary functions normalize. This type of breath will increase CO2 concentration that will stimulate O2 consumption. There is also an increase in heart rate associated with this type of breath that may last a short time, not unlike climbing a flight of stairs. If you are worried about that, don’t do it. Perform this exercise twice daily preferably early morning and early evening, but not immediately before retiring for the night due to the energizing effects. At all other times of your waking day, check in with yourself. Are you breathing diaphragmatically? Be sure that you are. Stay in Peace.

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